Service Area: Healthcare

It's time for somebody to step up and take a restaurant-style approach to healthcare.

And that somebody is us. It's a natural extension of our business. In fact, we provide the ideal solution to give hospital food a healthy, tasty shot in the arm. All the while remembering the patient is the absolute focus of everything we do.

Clinical & Nutritional Expertise
We believe clinical nutrition is a core competency for any healthcare program. A vital part of patient healing involves the appropriate integration of nutrition care into the patient's course of treatment. We utilize medical nutrition therapy, nutrition care protocols in the acute care setting and self-management patient training. Ensuring your patients receive a complete continuum of care.

Keeping Patients Happy
Our comprehensive patient satisfaction program is designed to keep the service level sharp and ultimately, your patients happy. It's important to remember this is an ongoing process. We offer annual workshops and cutting-edge training tools to promote sharing, recognition and awareness of patient satisfaction.

We drive performance improvements through qualitative and quantitative measurements and the end result – patients receive top-notch service and you receive higher satisfaction scores.