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DETAILS: COVERED. The Luby's Culinary Services team will handle everything
SERVING THE BEST From cafeterias to boardrooms, we fuel your business

Five reasons to choose Luby's

Content expertise, culture alignment and results play important roles in the total package we provide. They also go a long way toward creating comfort for managers. Here are highlights of what to expect when you choose us:

Purchasing Power = Lower Costs

Our purchasing power will lower your costs.

Reduced Risk

We reduce your risk by staying on top of regulatory standards and by taking responsibility for your program being compliant.

We handle everything

We let you focus on your business. We hire and train employees, create menus, develop recipes and deliver remarkable experiences.

We adapt to you

We adapt to your culture. Our on-site leadership team becomes part of your team. The more we fit in, the better the experience.

We develop the staff

We train, develop and provide growth opportunities for our team members, which inspires them to deliver memorable experiences for you.

Delicious Meals You can Trust from Luby's

Fresh-made favorites

to fuel your team, facility, and employees.

Nutrition Programs

Livin’ Smart

Each Livin’ Smart entrée has fewer than 600 calories and at least three grams of fiber, and no more than 30% of the calories are from fat. They even gained a bit of celebrity when and Food Management magazine featured them.

Stealth Health

Stealth Health dishes substitute healthier ingredients without sacrificing flavor. So your menus can include marinara sauce made with pureed vegetables and spinach, chocolate muffins made with pureed avocado, and brownies made with bran flakes and black beans.

Green’r Ways

We’re big believers in sustainability and the health of the environment. Our Green’r Ways plans address energy conservation, water consumption, waste management, recycling, and reusable products and construction materials.

Nourish Life

Powerhouse foods like berries, dark chocolate, flaxseed, avocado, and green tea help maintain brain health and fight heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's. That’s why our Nourish Life menus include foods like brownies with avocado and smoothies with flaxseed.