Serving Education

A Focus on Service, Price, and Quality.

You are already in the forefront of your competition. Luby’s Culinary Services prides itself in not just being a contract food service provider, but on being an integral member of your diverse community.

We focus on convenience, reasonable price, service and ultimately, quality. The most critical attributes influence a student's decision of where they chose to dine. That in turn drives participation and morale within your facility. We create a custom food service program that balances the unique diversity requirements of your students while also allowing them a higher level of quality and satisfaction.

We don’t kid ourselves about sports fans and concert-goers. Their passions lie with their favorite teams and performers. That doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate restaurant-quality food, as long as getting it doesn’t keep them away from the action for too long.

Our culinary experts tailor our menus to meet their needs, but we don’t change our quality standards for any crowd. We serve good, healthy comfort food quickly and with a smile. Our goal is to add to the complete experience, not compete with it.

We take care of all the details and we’re always working to make things run as smoothly as possible. The best part is, we don’t expect applause or cheering when the evening’s done.

Delicious Meals You can Trust from Luby's

Fresh-made favorites

to fuel your team, facility, and employees.